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Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 4 May 2012

FW: Current situation Rockefeller and Illuminati

Dear Mr. Fulford

I would very much like to know where we are at now and how to best deal with the currentsituation and upcoming events as a citizen of The Netherlands, Europe. If possible, I wouldalso like to know from you how to best interest others into the secretive, but very importantgoing-ons of this world, since almost everyone seems to be enormously skeptic and very muchso apathetic about basically everything that doesn’t directly affect their current lifestyle. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 3 May 2012

Are these two items related?

Here we have Murdoch’s Fox TV asking questions about the $134.5 billion in US treasury bonds stolen in Italy.


Here we have J. Rockefeller attacking Rupert Murdoch

Things are getting interesting.

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Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 19 April 2012

From a reader:

Obama’s 50 Trillion Dollar Mistake

Washington, D. C.– Iraq economy coming back – US derailed by DINAR

Promises of the self-financed Iraq war advanced by Bush/Chaney administration were derailed by Obama Administration costing each US tax payer $414,000 – $1,150,000,000 or between $129,000 and $138,000 per citizen. Even by Washington standards that is a lot of money. By comparison the US debt is currently $138,000 per taxpayer and $50,000 per US citizen (http://www.usdebtclock.org/). Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 12 April 2012

Urgency on reactor no. 4 at Fukushima

Dear BenjaminI have seen a report of a former Japanese ambassador warning the U.N.
that if  reactor no. 4 at Fukushima collapses , then it could mean a
catastrophe not just for Japan, but for the world. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 10 April 2012

RE: Latest Update

Hi Ben,

I trust this finds you well?

With regards to your latest update please can you clarity the first sentence as it would appear that those whom you have held in high regard are now referred to in the same breath as the criminal godfathers? Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 8 April 2012

Extra-info for your new entry

Below are links to information compiled by a reader of this blog. It is evidence for those who still refuse to believe the fact that top leadership ranks of the West have been infiltrated by Satanic murderers who sacrifice children in horrific ceremonies.

Dear Benjamin, my entry was old and I had no idea I had not updated it, I thought I had.

Thank you for reposting the info on your blog(the more people become aware of this the better). Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update On BRICS – 31 March 2012

Hi Ben,
Recently I saw a conference by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme (teacher of political and Social Science at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) ), where explains that BRICS are creating a new international Bank and a new financial system to fight against the power of FMI and the World Bank. So my question is the following: Is this the new financial system you have been talking about? If the answer is yes, could you clarify which is the role that Japan is going to have in all this stuff and how BRICS will help to free humanity from the cabal?
Thanks in advance,

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 27 March 2012

RE: Alexander Romanov and the Gnostics

Hi, Benjamin!

I took a look at some of the videos posted by the “Gnostic Illuminati Faction” you referenced in your free blog. So are you saying that this “Alexander Romanov” guy is for real? While some of his ideas are laudable, he also presents some rather strange and seemingly conflicted ideas. Continue reading

Ben Fulford – Reader Update – 14 March 2012

Question Reader:

Hey Ben –

Awaiting your weekly updates gratefully . . . Very thankful for your
down-to-earth-edness & effort . ..I’m a 55-y-old Persian woman w/a house in Iran and looted future in
the US — do you really KNOW that Iran is gonna be spared another war? Continue reading