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Rough, Ready, But Very Real – A November 2013 Update On The Jordan Valley Permaculture Project (aka ‘Greening The Desert – The Sequel’ Site) – 19 November 2013

Posted November 19, 2013 by

Project from above, featuring a garbage-accumulating fence edge

Well, you would be hard pressed to find a tougher block of land — a 400m below sea level, West facing slope, in an extremely hot, arid climate, with extremely poor, shallow highly alkaline top ‘soil’, covered in rocks, with a limited water supply and in a mostly Palestinian refugee-populated village. When we first started working on the site local farmers thought it was just ridiculous to even try to produce any kind of result on such a rough site. They were not interested at all and could see no reason to stop using chemicals and burning crop residues and planting nothing but large fields of monoculture cash crops. Continue reading


Judith Dagley – Ready, Set, Go-The Power Toolkit For Energy Alchemists Has Arrived! – 21 June 2013

celestialteam judith dagleyhttp://judithdagley.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/picture-12.jpg?w=135&h=135Ready Set, Go–
This is Judith, here to let you know that the first segment of the Power Toolkit has arrived and is yours to receive, at last!

For those of you who have been waiting and wondering when that would finally happen—know that I was, too! I began to create it several times over the past two months, but would always feel  the words, “Not just yet, dear,” as if a celestial hand was gently stilling my arm whenever I attempted to put it to paper. NOW I understand–the arrival of the Power Toolkit was to be synchronized with the arrival of our solstice energies! This particular solstice is bringing us activations that will expand our awareness of “energetic interconnection,” and that is exactly aligned with the very purpose of the Power Toolkit—because it is that “energetic interconnection” that one uses an Energy Alchemist. Continue reading

Drake’s ANMilitia – Ready, Set…- 18 October 2012

(Lucas : I will be using discernment, we will see if it will happen or not. Maybe it is now a real green.)

Ready, Set… Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Ready, Get Set…… – 14 April 2012

My heavens, the blogroll for the past twenty-four hours speaks volumes on how much is happening these days.

In terms of accountability, which is where the major push is going, we have liens being served on the Federal Reserve banks, possible news that the cabal is trying to hide away on the Bahamas (faint hope), background on Iceland’s decision to relieve mortgage debt, rumors that the IMF is asking governments to enact debt relief measures, advance word from the Galactic Fed through Greg that the galactics and their allies are set to round up the cabal. Continue reading

Germany May be Ready to Surrender in Fight to Save Greece

Germany Readies Surrender in Fight To Save Greece Euro Creditvia Bloomberg.com by Simon Kennedy and Brian Parkin