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Crys Crystaqueous – Real Is! Unreality Isn’t! – 9 February 2013

m225691050Real Is! Unreality Isn’t!

With what will are you acquainted?  Have you a personal will that is gaining pleasure from rehearsing your troubles, disasters, ailments?  Do you enjoy poor health?  Do you like to recount your problems to any and all who will listen?  Do you feel sorry for yourself?  Do you feel you are abused by circumstance; your body; by neighbors, friends, society?  Do you assume you were born at the wrong time, of the wrong parents on the “wrong side of the tracks” and therefore are entitled to grunt and complain?  Do you claim you are shouldered with responsibilities that are unfair, unjust, not of your own making?  Did the family tree sell you short on health, looks, supply, and a name that spells power in the world in which you browse?  Were you opportunities curtailed, so education and the chances of a remunerative job passed you by? Continue reading