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Sophia Love – Realization – 24 January 2015


These Quests began in 2011.  They began with about 8 of us I think (1/2 of which were family) and at one point there were 5,000 of us joining the journey!  Then, Face Book decided that couldn’t happen.  The Quests continued though, from a blog that was started in order to do so, at: www.sophialove.org.  Lots of things have changed since then except for one – our search for palpable, non-stop unconditional love.  I’ve been told that humans are the most exciting beings to incarnate as, because of our extreme emotions.  We fill up our hearts to overflowing and then break them with a passion and enthusiasm unmatched in the cosmos. We are unique and incredible.In other Quests there’s been a conclusion, a discovery, a settling at least.  Not so this time.  The energy of 2015 has brought me to a deep examining of us.  What is our perpetual insistence on reaching for something beyond ourselves for fulfillment or answers?
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