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Visionkeeper – Release The Fear – 29 January 2013

beauty-blue-cleanor-roosevelt-clouds-colors-favim-com-437656(picture by http://www.favim.com)

Fear is such a powerful emotion and it has been used against us forever now. We are well-trained to feel fear whenever our switch is flipped. We need to watch ourselves closely and catch ourselves in the act and finally realize how easily we can be taken in without our even knowing it. So where does fear come from? It is bred out of a sense of helplessness, our inability to save ourselves, victimization and a lack of feeling we are in charge of our lives. Suddenly when fear strikes we are at the mercy of others and because of this we have no protection from it. We are subjected to it on a daily basis in ways so subtle we are unaware of it. It need not be big if we are subjected to it daily in small amounts. Fear is very dis-empowering and has many detrimental effects on our physical health. We need to be aware of when we are feeling fear and take back our power and overcome it. There is no need for most fears we take on, it has become a normal reaction on so many levels. Continue reading