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Visionkeeper – Releasing The Old – 21 August 2012

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Are you finding it difficult to release the old world you have known forever so you can begin to move into the new? It really is time to find the courage to take the leap. If the time is right for you to let go then you will, but if you don’t even try or explore the possibilities how will you ever know? This time of massive change is unlike any we’ve experienced before, our possibilities for growth are endless as we move beyond the limitations of three-dimensional living.  Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly LightBlast – Releasing Resistance – 7 June 2012

Have you noticed that change is happening RAPIDLY in 2012?  If you are well with change, it seems fun.  If you have resistance to change, you are challenged with mental and emotional turmoil.  Perhaps you find yourself somewhere in between based on the moment.  Either way, your Lightwork is to continue focusing yourself toward less resistance and more Flow.  In this way, the challenges move with more ease and you begin to notice that things that would upset you greatly in the past are much easier to deal with.  It is your internal Fortitude that will help you move through change with greater ease.  Often that is determined just by your inner Knowing that All is Well and you are able to handle anything that comes your way.  Continue reading