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Aisha North – Update On The Energies – 12 November 2013

AishaNorthYesterday was a resounding success in so many ways, and even if some of you will look upon it as a day rather more dismal than usual, here in the heavenly realms it was indeed a day of rejoicing. For what transpired was nothing short of magical, as we have once again been able to reconnect old and disconnected strands, and so, the connection between your planet and all of Creation has finally shifted into a new gear. You see, these portals as we all like to refer to them as, serve as a sort of information highway, an extra passage if you will that allows information to be exchanged between large areas of Creation, and as such, they will be utilized when something extra needs to be accomplished. As was the case yesterday, for through utilizing this portal, and when we say this, we not only refer to our side of the veil, but yours also, we managed to hook up an extra large number of connectors in a way that will enable an increased amount of energy and information to be transferred between us all. So as you sat down and took part in this, you also accepted the invitation to become an even more intrinsic part of this whole operation, and through that, you allowed everyone else to literary follow in your wake. Continue reading


Laura Bruno – The Challenge Of Rudolf Steiner – 9 August 2012

I have never directly studied Rudolf Steiner; however, my diverse spiral of studies continues to lead me back to him. I first learned of his work through talking with friends whose children attended Waldorf Schools. Years later, I encountered him through the concept of biodynamic agriculture. Most recently, I’ve found references to him in a seemingly random place, Tanis Helliwell’s book, “Summer with the Leprechauns,” which continues to surprise me by describing experiences and conclusions I’ve had and made since childhood. (Thanks to Shelley for pointing me in that direction!) Continue reading

Patricia Cori – You Are The Gaian Vibration … Rising – 5 May 2012

Were I to leave an inspirational message for the world upon my departure from this magnificent planet, it would be simple: Pay Attention.

By and large, our modern societies have imposed the tools and parameters of our utter distraction: cement jungles of our largely dysfunctional cities, inane and manipulative messages of coercive media, the goings-on of our governments with their hidden agendas, daily distractions of our runaway technologies and their abstract impressions, overlaid upon the tapestries of our richly woven lives as “spiritual beings, having a human experience.” Continue reading

Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve- 7 December 2011

We are the Council of Twelve and we are here to say good day to you and well met! We are in the ethers and in the physical realm at once. We are in the air that you breathe. You take us in to your very being with the intent in your heart and the breath of your body. Your very life itself craves connection to All That Is. Rest here for a moment and feel our presence, our loving presence in your very DNA, cells, hair, fingernails, organs, bones and blood.

Montague Keen on Mind-Controlled Assassins | The 2012 Scenario



Montague Keen on Mind-Controlled Assassins | The 2012 Scenario.

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Spiritual Evolution: The Divine Plan for Life

Spiritual Evolution: The Divine Plan for Life. By Steve Beckow via Stevebeckow.com