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Bohemian Grove: What It Is About – A Reminder – Bohemian Grove Exposed – 17 July 2012

Here is the link to the article Bohemian Grove Exposed.

link to original article

This will give you a faint knowledge and starting point to see what is going on there and what does illuminati and dark cabal that gather there are doing.  There is lot of information also on youtube and Alex Jones has also reported on it like many others from different backgrounds .


Suzanne Poulson Spooner: Another reminder our work is within us, not outside of us. :)

6th september 2011


Hi God. Hi Suzy, an update on disclosure. Excellent, I am ready! Look at the world events of late and imagine a connection to an Earth where discord is only a distant memory. Give yourselves a big pat on the back when you view the disinformation with understanding that this is it. This is picturing disclosure and freeing of the mind in a new light of love and peace. Have a welcoming heart for the information that is making its way to the front of the collective conscious. The messages of new beginnings open the collective portal fast! Disclosure is already here. Your governments are a few steps behind your light workers. You have the ability to believe your truth and act on it. Governments still operate in a 3-D environment; therefore old protocol is followed still. Send the government leaders love and you manifest your disclosure and ascension at your own pace. Let the governments run to keep up with the light workers. First change is manifested in the individual, then the collective then the leadership, not the other way around. Deliver yourself from public disclosure and imagine your life in a grander fashion.