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Removing The Shackles – Missing Money – 17 August 2013

0e358-removing-the-shacklesMissing MoneyI really love it when people put together these visual messages- nothing gets the point across like a picture

…It’s like going to the grocery store and by the time you get home, 8 of the 9 bags of groceries you’ve bought have disappeared and all you have left is one bag that contains a box of saltine crackers, some no name corn flakes and a bottle of ketchup. Continue reading

Removing The Shackles – OPPT NYC In Motion! Notes From A Successful Meet Up – 11 March 2013

OPPT NYC in Motion! Notes from a Successful Meet Up:


OPPT NYC in Motion! Notes from a Successful Meet Up.

Many thanks to all who showed up for the first OPPT NYC meet up this past Friday.  It was a night filled with incredible connections and synchronicity.  We were all strangers yet we all knew each other.  For those who were not able to make the meet up I’d like to share what was discussed and provide details for our next meet up. Continue reading

Removing The Shackles – A Conversation With Trustee Heather Of The One People’s Public Trust – 4 January 2013

TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2(Lucas : There was and is still lots of talk about prosperity programs and when they come into existense and begin paying out. Just keep your head cool. All will unfold when it is ready to. I would still ask your discernment about things you read as it easily can be again a disappointment if things are not coming about as you expected.  Just know things are on their way but even those thinking to know will know not all is as it is.)

*A conversation with Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf of The One People’s Public Trust*
Continue reading

Removing The Shackles – Update – Roller Coasters And Slouch Boots – 19 November 2012

This week has been one hell of a crazy roller coaster!  Massive ups followed by quick downs as the intel geysered like an open fire hydrant one minute then dried up for endless hours at a time the next.  Smoke rolling out so thick you could walk on it all the way to the moon, followed by actual facts that left me stunned speechless.   Continue reading

They Will Not Control Us! We Will be Victorious! – Removing The Shackles –

My Friends….. the time has come to take our power back!!!!  This is IT. THIS is the time. THIS is the NOW.

All over this glorious planet of ours people are standing up.  They are standing up for all sorts of reasons, but they are unified in one action: THEY STAND UP!
Make your stand how ever you want, but make your stand!  The media controllers are doing all they can to try to convince the world that those standing up are but a few dissonant rebellious youths who just want to make trouble and make a fuss.  BUT…. their control of their own media is very quickly slipping through their fingers.  The news is leaking out so fast now, that the tiny cracks that appeared in the dam last year are now threatening to become a high pressured deluge that will burst from the confines of iron control. Continue reading