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Visionkeeper – Rising Upwards – 14 January 2013


For quite a while now we have been thinking about and talking about raising our consciousness to match the new world we are now living in. That is all well and good, but we seem to be overlooking something else we need to consider raising. Our standards and values. They are at an all time low right now, beaten down by television shows with little or no morality, overflowing with violence and hatred, no moral messages of hope or concern for the welfare of mankind. We seem to respect no one. With no values of our own how can we possibly value anybody or anything else? It began with the never-ending killing and eating of animals as if they had no value in life. Now we were killing the very planet on which we all live, showing it no respect, not caring if it dies and then we found ourselves killing each other because we had no value for their life as well. This kind of behavior has got to stop before we destroy ourselves! Continue reading