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Lisa Gawlas – Earthquake Energy, Obama, Romney And The White House – 17 October 2012

After I finished my sharing yesterday I really did go take a bath.  I really just wanted to settle the energy down that was bulging thru every strand of my consciousness.  Instead, I was just sitting in my tub, taking in everything that I had shared yesterday when all of a sudden, I swear to god my bathtub had an earthquake.  Ok it didn’t literally quake… but might as well have.  I could feel the energy shaking and rattling and moving and I thought… what the shit??  I sat there for what felt like a whole minute feeling this energy quake and then all of a sudden I had seen something spread open.  If this was an actual earthquake, I would have sworn it was the earth and maybe it was on some level.  The billowing of energy really caught me by the surprised heart-strings. Continue reading