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Rotherham Child Abuse: South Yorkshire Police Face ‘Independent’ Investigation – 2 September 2014

RT logoSouth Yorkshire Police have announced an investigation into the force’s handling of the Rotherham child abuse scandal. The Independent Police Complaints Commission will not oversee the probe, though law enforcement say the inquiry will be impartial.

The investigation was announced on Tuesday by South Yorkshire Police’s (SYP) Chief Constable David Crompton. It was sparked by a report published by Professor Alexis Jay, which uncovered systematic grooming, trafficking, rape and abuse of at least 1,400 children in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013. The rape and abuse was conducted by gangs of predominately Asian men.

In a public statement, Crompton said the inquiry is crucial to ensure individuals and organizations implicated in the scandal are “investigated fairly, rigorously and with complete impartiality.” The Chief Constable said the probe will carefully examine the role of both the police and the council over the course of those sixteen years in an effort to uncover failings and wrongdoing. Crompton assured “appropriate action” will be taken based on the inquiry results.

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