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RT – Going Underground: Ken Livingstone – Politicians Get ‘Reward For Serving America’s Interests’ – 1 November 2014

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RT – Celente: Americans Brainwashed Into Believing ‘Russia Is Enemy’, Even In Business – 21 October 2014

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RT – BreakingTheSet – Abby Martin – Henry Kissinger’s Legacy of War Crimes Exposed by Secret Yale Visit | Brainwash Update – 27 March 2014

Uploaderd 26 March 2014 by breakingtheset Abby Martin speaks about how Yale University’s secret invite to Henry Kissinger has shined a new light into the former Secretary of State’s long list of criminality, by helping facilitate US war crimes in South East Asia, South America and the Middle East, which resulted in the deaths of millions of civilians.LIKE Breaking the Set @ http://fb.me/BreakingTheSet
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RT – #Why2013matters: 13 Scandals & Breakthroughs That Changed The World – 2 January 2014

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Another Earthquake : New 4.9 Tremor Near Fukushima – 4 November 2013

RT logoA 4.9 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter close to Fukushima Prefecture has struck the eastern coast of Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The tremor was registered at a depth of 20 km. There have not been immediate reports of damage or injuries.

It is the second earthquake to hit Fukushima neighboring prefecture in the past two days. A 5.0 earthquake was registered on Japan’s east coast, with Sunday’s tremors felt as far away as Tokyo.

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RT – Russia To Allocate $63 Bn For Arctic Development – 19 October 2013

RT logoRussia plans to spend $63 billion by 2020 on its Arctic development program, according to a top government official.

The draft version of the program could be submitted to the Cabinet by November 1, RIA Novosti cited Regional Development Minister Igor Slyunyayev as saying on Friday. The comment was made in Moscow at the general assembly of the Northern Forum, which supports sustainable development in areas economically dependent on natural resources.

Major Russian companies are expected to finance more than half the program’s cost, while one-third of funding will likely come out of the federal budget.

Below the ice and cold waters of the Arctic Ocean are hidden vast natural reserves, including approximately 20 percent of oil reserves worldwide and around 30 percent of the planet’s natural gas. There are also believed to be deposits of platinum, gold and tin – just for starters.

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RT – Fracking “Too Dangerous To Health And Climate” To Be Allowed – 19 October 2013

RT logoDeveloping fracking technologies and extracting previously inaccessible hydrocarbon reserves is the absolutely opposite direction to where the world should move, environmental activist Rose Braz told RT.

This path would simply cause damage to public health and contribute to catastrophic climate change in the long run, she argues.

RT: Environmental risks of fracking aren’t unique to that method of extraction – why such an outcry when there are other methods of energy production that are just as harmful when it comes to fossil fuels?

Rose Braz: There’s no doubt that oil and gas production in general is risky to human health and ecosystems and our future in terms of climate change. I think there are however some additional factors that are associated with fracking that make fracking a particularly risky form of energy development, which has led to these massive protests you’re seeing across the world.

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