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RT – Latest Snowden Leaks Details NSA’s Involvement In Lethal Drone Strikes – 17 October 2013

RT logoThe National Security Agency provided the Central Intelligence Agency with crucial information on an associate of Osama bin Laden, who was killed days later by a US drone strike, according to a report based on documents provided by Edward Snowden.

Hassan Ghul was a known Al-Qaeda operative in Iraq who was captured in 2004 and turned over information regarding bin Laden’s courier network. He was transferred to a secret CIA prison before being released to Pakistan in 2006. Ghul was killed six years later in the country’s tribal belt, eliminated by a drone strike that the US has never publicly acknowledged.

Now, a new report from The Washington Post has revealed that an email from Ghul’s wife “about her current living conditions” was intercepted by the NSA and provided enough information to determine where the wanted Ghul had gone into hiding.

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RT – Senate Leaders Reach Deal To Avoid Default, End Shutdown – 16 October 2013

RT logo( Lucas : Predicted that the games would go on and they would reach a temporary solution to the problem for a few weeks. It seems to be a deal. But first see than belief.  It does not take the problem of the table. The better deal is default and let the  people together make things work for them without the corporate government and their corporate representatives you think are your democratic representatives in congress and senate. We need change now and now Obama’s change but real change for the people not just a few or a few groups. Things need to be done and go differently. The time is now.)

The United States government could soon be back in business. According to a Republican member of the US Senate, lawmakers in Washington have reached an agreement that will re-open the government and save the country from default.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire) told the Associated Press early Wednesday that leaders in her chamber reached a deal that would end a shutdown now in its second week, while also raising the nation’s debt ceiling and in turn increasing the country’s ability to borrow from international lenders.

CNBC reported soon after that Republican Party senators planned to announce an agreement at 12p.m. EDT that afternoon.

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RT -Food Stamp Recipients Delivered One-Two Punch By Govt Shutdown, End To Stimulus Boost – 16 October 2013

RT logoThe government shutdown and a looming sunset on a temporary funding boost from the 2009 stimulus make November 1 an ominous date for Americans who rely on the federal food stamp program, some of whom would need to look elsewhere for help.

Food stamps are fully paid for through October, according to a shutdown plan released by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) on October 1. The plan outlined what would happen to federal nutrition programs once the government closed absent a funding agreement from Congress.

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RT – Secret US Court, Unrestrained By Privacy Concerns, Confirms NSA Surveilance Powers – 12 October 2013

RT logoA US federal court tasked with monitoring spy agencies confirmed the NSA’s authority for bulk collection of phone metadata. The extension of the agency’s digital spying revealed by Edward Snowden has triggered a major debate on privacy.

The National Security Agency is believed to have requested authorization from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) for a dragnet data collection roughly every six months since 2006. The practice was first made public after a June publication in the Guardian, based on classified documents leaked by Snowden, a former NSA contractor. Continue reading

RT – Debt Ceiling Debate Sham, March Against Monsanto, Abby Martin Illuminati Sith Lord? – 12 October 2013

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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin calls out the Tampa 10 news for their over-sensationalized coverage of what they call a “terrorist dry run,” using the decades-old fear tactic of demonizing people of color. Abby then speaks with Dr. Stephanie Kelton, economics professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, about the real threat of not raising the debt ceiling and the baseless GOP rhetoric against Obamacare . Abby then talks to Nick Bernabe, activist and organizer with “March Against Monsanto,” an international event on October 12 that will draw mass demonstrations against the Monsanto corporation in over 400 cities across 50 countries. After feeding some social media trolls, Abby then speaks with comedian Lee Camp, examining such stories as the so-called national truckers strike, the roast of Dick Cheney, and Faux News about welfare freeloaders.

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RT – US Air Force Sacks Senior Nuclear Forces Commander – 11 October 2013

RT logoThe commander of the 20th Air Force, responsible for a total of 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles at three bases across the US, has been fired, AP reports. Maj. Gen. Michael Carey has been dismissed in response to an investigation into alleged personal misbehavior, with the move not being related to the operational readiness of the nuclear force or recent failed inspections of ICBM units, Air Force spokesman Brig. Gen. Les Kodlick said. He wouldn’t provide details about the alleged misbehavior by Carey, only saying it didn’t involve sexual misconduct. It’s the second dismissal this week of a senior commander of the US nuclear forces as the second-in-command at US Strategic Command, Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, was relieved of command amid an investigation into alleged gambling on Wednesday.

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RT – American Truckers Are Putting Washington DC On Notice – 11 October 2013

RT logoPublished time: October 11, 2013 09:36

By Patrick Henningsen

There seems to be no end to the political theater in Washington DC. But what began as a simple game of chicken between the White House and the Republican opposition has quickly morphed into a game of political Russian roulette. Continue reading

Russia, US agree On How Syria Should Destroy Chemical Arsenal – Putin – 8 October 2013

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Russia and the US agree on how to destroy Syria’s chemical arms, President Vladimir Putin said after meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Bali. He also said peace talks on Syria should include major players from the Muslim world.

Despite President Barack Obama’s conspicuous absence from the Indonesian island of Bali, where the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is holding a trade summit, Putin praised his US counterpart for finding common ground on Syria. Continue reading

RT – ‘Congress All Bribed, Has Zero Confidence In Eyes Of American People’ – World Bank Whistleblower – 8 October 2013

RT logo(Lucas : I am not resonating with Karen Hudges and that cooperation with her and Ben Fulford  was also totally strange. Yes all are doing in their perceived ways  work towards the perceived end-goal that all is perceived still differently by most… There are still people wanting to be the educators and guardians of the humans otherwise they could not get it, then there are the ones that want still hierarchy and control in a way, others want only self-governance and some are having a bit of all or combinations. Whatever it is.. Humans are free and the hierarchy and control as a perception of duality is over. The time is up to push and be thinking to still have the old ways go. The change is here and now. It all will become clear soon enough to all.)

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The US government shutdown – a temporary ailment or a symptom of a grave disease? Are the Republicans right in their move to block Obamacare spending? Who gains from the shutdown turmoil? Do the politicians care about their citizens? Our guest comes from the very heart of the banking system: Karen Hudes was World Bank lawyer when she blew the whistle on major corruption cases in the system and was fired as a result.

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RT – Rebranding Exercise? UK Launches Budget ‘British FBI’ – 7 October 2013

RT logoThe UK has launched a new crime agency to combat organized crime in Britain. The agency’s backers have dubbed it the “British FBI,” but critics argue that with two predecessors in the last 15 years the institution is merely an “exercise in rebranding.” The nascent organization has been the source of animated debate in the UK, with the current Conservative government championing the National Crime Agency (NCA) as a major disincentive for organized criminals.

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