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Russia: ‘Enshrine Right To Videotape Police Into Law’ – MP – 21 April 2014

RT logoA leftist lawmaker has prepared an amendment reiterating the right of citizens and organizations to record police officers’ actions on video, in order to introduce more openness and transparency.

The Russian Constitution already has a norm guaranteeing all citizens the right to free search, obtaining, transfer, production and distribution of information. Technically, records of police officers’ actions fall under this rule. However, law enforcers sometimes oppose attempts to capture their actions on video, quoting the laws on personal data and even the regulations concerning state secrets.

Oleg Mikheyev of the Fair Russia party holds that such incidents could be prevented once the law on police is amended with the description of documenting procedures, including audio and video recording. He noted that the law on police was chosen because this is the primary act used by police in their work and once it is altered there would be no misunderstandings.

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