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Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan Sign ‘Epoch-Making’ Eurasian Economic Union – 29 May 2014

RT logoRussia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan have signed the historic Eurasian Economic Union which will come into effect in January 2015. Cutting down trade barriers and comprising over 170 million people it’ll be the largest common market across the CIS states.

“The just-signed treaty is of epoch-making, historic importance,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

The troika of countries will cooperate in energy, industry, agriculture, and transport.

“In fact, we are shaping the largest common market in the CIS, with huge production, scientific and technological potential and enormous natural resources,” the President added.

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Russia, EU, Ukraine Fail To Reach Agreement At Gas Talks – 2 May 2014

RT logoRussia, Ukraine, and the European Union failed to reach an agreement on gas supply issues during three-party talks in Warsaw on Friday. Kiev vowed to fulfill its gas transit obligations, but did not say when it plans to repay debt to Russia’s Gazprom.

According to EU energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger, the sides have agreed to hold two more rounds of consultations, in two and four weeks. During their next meeting in mid-May, the sides will focus on gas prices for Ukraine, Oettinger told journalists on Friday.

Moscow, Kiev, and Brussels gathered in Warsaw to search for a solution to the “crisis situation” around Ukraine’s payments for Russian gas, the Russian Energy Ministry said earlier.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 861 – The BFP Roundtable Takes On NATO, Russia, Turkey and the “New Cold War” – 12 April 2014

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

In this edition of the BFP Roundtable, Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds discuss the latest moves in the formation of a so-called “new cold war” between NATO and Russia. We also tackle Seymour Hersh and his recent article in the London Review of Books examining Turkish involvement in the Syrian chemical weapons attack in Ghouta last year.

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – War Talk Roundup: China Has “No Room For Compromise With Japan”; Spotlight On China, Japan, US, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea – 10 March 2014

MishMikeShedlockThe global macro picture is bad enough in and of itself. Simmering feuds between rival nations certainly do not help the picture. Here are a few recent stories that caught my eye.

China has No Room For Compromise with Japan

The New York Times reports China has No Room For Compromise with Japan. Continue reading

Russia, NATO Could Take Part In Syrian Chemical Arms Destruction – 24 October 2013

RT logoOfficials on both sides of the Russia-NATO council on Wednesday said they were ready to consider a possible UN request to help get rid of the Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal. However, they failed to reach a compromise on the missile defense program.

The destruction of Syrian chemical arms was discussed at a meeting of Russian, American, British and Italian defense ministers within the framework of the Russia-NATO council in Brussels.

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John Ward – Wobbly Russia : Vladimir Putin Sticks The Boot Into The Regions, And The Rating Agencies – 28 August 2012

Yet again, you read it here first…

In May of this year, The Slog pointed out how vulnerable some of the comparatively well-rated Russian regions are….how dependent Russia is on energy….and how exposed RBS is to Russia.

The following month, I asked if the ratings agencies really know what they’re doing in Russia given the degree of dodginess in there. And at the end of July I posted this piece asking if they knew WTF they were doing in any sovereign State anywhere on the planet. Continue reading

Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia, Austria… – 2 August 2012

(Part 1)Uploaded on 29 July 2012 by Continue reading

BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China & South-Africa : Block Rothshild’s US And EU Computer Generated Ponzi Bailout Scheme Money Issuances – 24 July 2012

A joint development bank planned by the BRICS group of major emerging economies will be officially launched in South Africa early 2013.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany was wondering in her last visit to Beijing: should Germany join Brics countries to stay away from the Rothschild euro-zone?

The G5′s new fake dollars and Euros are not being accepted as legal tender outside the G5 (US, UK, Germany, France and Italy). Continue reading

Lucas – A Short BRIC’s Newsround – 5 June 2012

World stock markets fall as Europe worries riseEurozone crisis: India prepares ‘contingency plan’  Reuters, 5 June, 2012, 06.42PM IST

India has prepared a contingency plan for Greece exiting the eurozone and even a collapse of the monetary union, officials said on Tuesday. Continue reading

UFO Report Sighting – UFO Russia – 26 May 2012

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