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Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – April 2013 Message – 3 April 2013

ruth-ryden( Lucas :  Note : I found my newsletters from several subscriptions in two days late in my spambox, interesting. So I am posting now that what I normally had done already like Jamye Price and Ruth Ryden! )

Dear Readers, as many places in our world have celebrated Easter, remembering the resurrection of Jesus, it is disheartening to see it turn into a gift-giving of chocolate eggs, baskets, stuffed animals, etc. to children that have nothing to do with that momentous occasion in history.  Christmas all over again.  For those who do not celebrate the occasion, would it be so difficult to just give a sense of respect to those who do?  Sigh.  Regardless, I send my best wishes for a meaningful celebration this special day. Continue reading