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Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 2 January 2014

RuthRydenMasters, will you give us an overall set of predictions for this coming year that would include world-wide weather conditions, earth movements, ocean currents, anything that will be impacting human habitation on this planet?

MASTERS: “You are all aware of the immense changes that are now taking place on your world, and it has been a difficult year for all. This coming year will be no exception as the frequencies in your solar system are being caused by other systems colliding and “pushing” against each other in your universe. Continue reading


Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 2 October 2013

RuthRydenThe Masters: “October, the month of drastic changes in weather and of planning for the winter coming, with lots of expectations for a childhood holiday at the end. It helps to be planning something fun for a change. In North America, the month will not be an easy one, as the changing season brings with it more storms and possibly some early snow. Temperatures we see to be less than normal for this time of year; warmer one week, dropping to new lows the next. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – Ruth & The Masters Of Light – July 2013 – 2 July 2013

ruth-rydenMasters, what do you see for this old world this coming month as storm systems just seem to keep coming?

“First of all, the world is not coming to an end! The doom-sayers will be busy with alarming predictions as storms continue to rage across continents and oceans for at least another year. Your planet is undergoing changes precipitated by the emergence of higher frequencies in the universe that will also be observed even by the Mars explorations on that planet. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – Newsletter June 2013 – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 1 June 2013

ruth-rydenHere I am again!   My “new” eye is all healed up and just fantastic!  Like seeing the world in a new light!  Left eye needs to be done too, so they will match up.  New computer (Gateway 8) is a new classroom, and took some time getting everything, (including my older printer) into compatability.

Feeling pretty good, just a bout with the annual hay fever problems.  Very warm and dry here in the forest, so really strict rules about fires are in effect – sorry for the campers over the holiday that couldn’t have camp fires.  The horrible tornadoes have become part of all of us as we share the disaster and heartbreak of those in Moore.   Looking at national news, the planet has been throwing some mean vibrations to many other countries and cities.  Volcanoes are waking up and the hurrican season is coming up.  Not an easy time for humanity right now.  All most of us can do is to keep our spiritual lines of  love, help,and comfort open to all those affected by such terriable losses. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – April 2013 Message – 3 April 2013

ruth-ryden( Lucas :  Note : I found my newsletters from several subscriptions in two days late in my spambox, interesting. So I am posting now that what I normally had done already like Jamye Price and Ruth Ryden! )

Dear Readers, as many places in our world have celebrated Easter, remembering the resurrection of Jesus, it is disheartening to see it turn into a gift-giving of chocolate eggs, baskets, stuffed animals, etc. to children that have nothing to do with that momentous occasion in history.  Christmas all over again.  For those who do not celebrate the occasion, would it be so difficult to just give a sense of respect to those who do?  Sigh.  Regardless, I send my best wishes for a meaningful celebration this special day. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – Ruth & The Masters Of Light – March 2013 – 28 February 2013


MARCH, 2013

Good Morning Dear Readers!   “There is no global climate change happening!”  Does anyone really believe that anymore?   All we need to do is look out our windows and check our calendars.   February has been a disaster to so many of you and our thoughts and prayers are with you of course.   We are snug and well for the most part.  Grandson and family will be traveling to California to see our daughter this weekend – she is the only one that lives far away from us, but keeps in constant touch.  Family is becoming even more important in these times of confusion and we are fortunate indeed for today’s electronics to be able to communicate so easily.  Call someone in your family, just to say hello.  As those of us whose years are piling up miss out on being close, we need to hear from family more often.  Let’s March into this new month with a lot of determination and acceptance – we are the offspring of a Mighty Creator! Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – Happy New Year! – 1 January 2013

ruth-rydenFirst of all, thanks to all of you who sent cards, messages, gifts, and letters to me at this important time of year.  They all mean a lot to me.  Our family gathered at our home on Christmas day in groups so that we could have the time to visit and enjoy the kids.  It was a very nice Christmas.

Now that the nonsense about the end of the world has been realized, we can get down to the job of creating a new cycle of humanity.  The following was given to me during the night recently, and is most appropriate at this time: Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – December 2012 – 30 November 2012

ruth-rydenWell, here we are.  The month and year projected by the ancients as a turning point in the history of the Planet Earth.   The global transformation of weather frequencies, shifting of the plates, and the incomprehensible need for greed and power all over the world tells us this is so.  The gifts of the Magi created the concept of giving gifts to celebrate the Gift from God.  Unfortunately, this has turned into a marketing holiday, and greed now runs rampant.  This celebration should not just be about the birth of Jesus, but to celebrate the immense changes He brought and taught about into the hearts of humanity.  These changes are now ours to understand, accept, and transform into a better way of life for all of us.  Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – And The Masters Of Light – The Law Of Return – 30 September 2012


“All through the world at every moment, thoughts, desires, motions and movement are being created by every man, woman and child alive.  The movement of even the most minute particle of energy produced by humanity shoots out into and past the atmosphere of your planet, past the ethers and into time and space.  The first thing to remember is that no movement of energy is ever lost; that thoughts created by the means of both spiritual beings and incarnated beings continue to travel through time; this is part of the concept that you have conceived of as the “Akashic Records”.  The second thing to remember is that when these movements of energy reach the upper dimensions, time ceases to be. Movements of energy from all sources, from the past, present and future, are also recorded in this manner. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – 31 August 2012

MASTERS:    “This is the time of beginnings.  Humanity is in the midst of unlimited opportunities of mental and physical understanding of the universe and all of its powers and integrated productivity.  The wonders of planetary reconstruction that are now being felt and observed in your world are part of movements in your universe that will soon be observed on other planets that you are at least aware of at this time.  The Mars mission will be one of the first to observe the changing tides of frequencies as its roving machine picks up more than soil samples and records power surges not known or understood at this time by your scientists. Continue reading