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NaturalNews – S.D. Wells – Big Food Exploits ‘Gray Areas’ For Questionable Ingredients – 12 March 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Start this whole thing off with ingredients that you probably aren’t sure of and which appear in tons and tons of foods that you probably consume regularly: canola oil, TBHQ, sodium benzoate, soy lecithin, polysaccharides and carrageenan. Then throw in BHT for freshness. How about some natural flavors, natural colors (bugs) and “all natural” GMOs, and what have you got? You’ve got gluten-free foods that are horrible for your health and contain MSG and other toxic food criminals known as food agents. Think of food agents as undercover bad guys who sneak into your body, arriving quite often in a “Trojan horse” (your healthy choice) and inflicting damage on your central nervous system, your body’s alkalinity and your cells’ DNA structure. Wait, did the “level” of insidiousness here dip too deep already for you? Is that gray area more like a black hole in space? How wide is YOUR gray area? Let’s talk about a bunch more food agents, fillers, toxins and carcinogenic “activity” that frequents your daily intake, like CIA agents posing as your friends.
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