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Salvador Russo – Horoscoop For 29th July – Star Of David – 24 July 2013

Here is the horoscope of the alleged “Star of David” configuration of July 29th, 2013. If it were genuine there would not be so many violations of tolerance between the sextiles of the planets.For example, here are the sextiles which are out of lawful tolerance: Pluto to Saturn, Saturn to Venus, and Pluto to Neptune. Furthermore, the Moon, which is required to make sextile between Jupiter and Neptune, simply cannot form and hold them honestly. When the Taurus Moon makes sextile to Jupiter, she is out of tolerance to Neptune and vice versa.
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TheStarseedAstrologyBlog – Salvador Russo – The Root In Life : Jupiter In Cancer – 26 June 2013

https://i0.wp.com/i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/tree-of-life.jpgEvery twelve years Jupiter crosses the nadir of the Zodiac. In the mystic tradition this sacred point is known as the “Root of Life” and its astronomical location in Heaven is zero degrees Cancer, the same point as our summer solstice. That Jupiter returns to the Root of Life is a marvel of marvels as the Earth itself will be birthed into new life from the very cells of its formation. Allow me, my dear readers, to explain the profound and benevolent effects of this glorious planetary transit. Continue reading

Salvador Russo – Saturn Retrograde : The Prophecy Of The Popes – 4 March 2013

fede20_75bfb404da35c317a7d65c6fc32c2655At the dawning of our Golden Age we find ourselves beneath the first Saturn retrograde.  As Saturn’s transit enacts global alchemy, which is the gradual transmutation of worldly circumstances, we will soon witness a profound reckoning and rebirth of global proportions with effects to be easily perceived as both prophetic and supernatural.  At the core of this period, which is active from February 18th until July 8th, will be the beginning of the Apocalypse of Babylon, that system of evil which for a time held authority on the Earth.  Contrary to common fears over Saturn’s transit, this retrograde will bestow plagues upon those who serve evil while those who serve God enjoy blessing, healing, and empowerment.  And now, let us begin this journey by revisiting a prophecy from times past… Continue reading

Salvador Russo – Uranus Retrograde : The Collapse Of Satan’s Pyramid – 10 July 2012

Beginning July 13, 2012 the false empire that has been erected over humanity by those who serve evil and who rebel against God will experience a controlled demolition that will stun and stagger those with the eyes for it. An onslaught of covert strikes will be dealt to them from beyond the boundary of space-time that will induce sudden catastrophes, malfunctions, and terminations of their efforts to enslave and destroy life on planet Earth. As many of their leaders fall voids of authority will allow for humanity to gain vantage points that will allow for the Light to overtake once dark territory. As this ancient battle continues wondrous cultural and evolutionary changes will enthrall the citizens of Earth. This retrograde, which ends December 13th, leads us to the doorstep of a new age. I welcome all who seek higher awareness about the momentous times in which we live to my humble interpretation of the 2012 Uranus retrograde in the House of Aries. Continue reading

Salvador Russo – Alchemical Union: The Total Lunar Eclipse of December 2011 – 10 December 2011

Yesterday .

The citizens of planet Earth are but hours away from a momentous event: the sixth and final eclipse of the 2011 calendar year. This one comes to us as a total lunar eclipse in the House of Gemini and its influence will be profound and far reaching, extending well through the Spring of 2012. By understanding the nature and purpose of this event we can more effectively align ourselves with the Cosmic Order, and thus, quicken our spiritual ascent on personal and collective levels. Without

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