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Santos Bonacci – Secret Of Secrets – The Elixer Of Life Hidding In The Bible – Part 1 – 15 August 2012

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Santos Bonacci – Your Body Is The Holy Land! – 22 May 2012

I have been posting videos, interviews  and information from  Santos Bonacci before. Here is the part that he also earlier talked about: your body being the holy land. He explains it very well. Only the sound of the videos is not great, so set your volume at loudest to hear it good or with a headset. Her  is the two-part video from his lecture from 26 april at Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

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GONOB Radio – With Santos Bonacci – 16 May 2012

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At about 13 minutes the interview gets  going and away from the introduction and friendly exchanges.

Santos Bonacci – Law And Language – 14 May 2012

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Legalese, the fictional language of law busted! In two parts video. Continue reading