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Sartre – Constitution Replaced By Fiat Edicts – 6 November 2012

The rule of law is an empty memory of the past. The powers that rule are globalists that control governments and use their media outlets to write the first version of history. They pull the strings of the intelligence agencies that function as overthrowers of non-compliant regimes. Constitutional restrictions that limit impulsive or capricious dictates formerly protected citizens. With the utter eradication of separations of power and the “Federalist”, form of distinct roles and authority of independent States, the core legitimacy of the United States vanished.As central ascendancy consolidates, the tyranny of the majority becomes obvious to even the most vocal Statist proponent. The reason for this development is well defined. The most wicked and corrupt criminals have hijacked the system and dismantled the checks and balances, placed into the constitutional framework. Continue reading


The Intel Hub – Sartre – The Romney And Netanyahu Brotherhood – 21 August 2012

The NeoCons are delighted with their new imperialist firebrand, Mitt Romney. Just look to all the familiar faces and names that surround the presumptive GOP nominee for dictator in chief. It is impossible to support the Republican Party when their foreign policy is made in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. If you belief this assessment is too harsh, explain away the recent pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall. The Moderate Voicemakes a striking point on Romney’s recent visit to Israel, which is difficult to refute. Continue reading