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Salvador Russo – Saturn Retrograde : The Prophecy Of The Popes – 4 March 2013

fede20_75bfb404da35c317a7d65c6fc32c2655At the dawning of our Golden Age we find ourselves beneath the first Saturn retrograde.  As Saturn’s transit enacts global alchemy, which is the gradual transmutation of worldly circumstances, we will soon witness a profound reckoning and rebirth of global proportions with effects to be easily perceived as both prophetic and supernatural.  At the core of this period, which is active from February 18th until July 8th, will be the beginning of the Apocalypse of Babylon, that system of evil which for a time held authority on the Earth.  Contrary to common fears over Saturn’s transit, this retrograde will bestow plagues upon those who serve evil while those who serve God enjoy blessing, healing, and empowerment.  And now, let us begin this journey by revisiting a prophecy from times past… Continue reading