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‘Institutionalised Theft’: Barclays’ PFI Contracts Based On Rigged Interest Rates ‘Bleeding NHS & Schools Dry,’ Say Activists – 23 April 2015

RT logoPolitical activists gatecrashed Barclay’s AGM in Central London on Thursday to highlight the role of private finance initiatives (PFI) in “killing off” Britain’s public services, racking up unsustainable debt, dodging tax and funneling profits offshore.

Thursday’s demonstration marks the first of three planned days of protest to raise awareness about the impact of PFI projects on Britain’s schools and hospitals.

It was organized by The People vs PFI – a collective of grassroots organizations, students and NHS patients who are calling for Britain’s PFI contracts to be rendered null and void.

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Ground Troops To Iraq? Blair ‘Last Person To Consult On Invading Iraq’, Say Activists – 22 September 2014

RT logoStop the War activists say Tony Blair is the ‘last person to consult on invading Iraq’ after the former prime minister called for sending troops to Iraq and possibly Syria. He said airstrikes alone will not be enough to defeat the Islamic State.

The former prime minister’s essay, posted on his Faith Foundation website, comes ahead of the UN general assembly meeting in New York, where serving Prime Minister David Cameron will discuss the UK’s engagement in an allied response to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

Reacting to Blair’s comments, the Stop the War Coalition, which organized opposition to the 2003 invasion, said the former Labour leader “is the last person anyone should consult about invading Iraq.”

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