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Scientists Discover Tiny Solar Panels That Create Themselves (September 2010) – 24 June 2013

(Lucas : Nature as example is seen in the article that follows. I have already predicted energy paints some years ago as nano-tech in bio-chemistry and nano electronics  already is big some years now. The developments of all sorts of bio-chemical processes in cells,  bacteria and fungi or even small amobe like creatures are studied and used to benefit hopefully us.  If nature makes it already in deep seas possible for bacteria to live without oxygen and we know already so much about all sorts of new processes, there is bound to be a new range of things to come. We have already bacteria in use in our waste water cleaning and for cleaning up oil pollution and other pollutants. We already know bacteria that produce electro fuels. We see already nano-tech and nano-bio-chemistry that can make energy paints possible. We need also to be careful not to have nano-tech that artificially takes over natures processes by polluting or interfering with the ecological balance of bio sphere earth. The nano-tech needs to be compatible with and without consequences to nature. We will see a growth in  scientific news  as the technology and discoveries and possibilities grow exponentially. Lots of this so-called newly discovered stuff is already some time around and could mean free energy and free fuels, free…  Free is now hidden in secret labs or hidden behind patents and or doors of secret military industrial complex facilities.  The discoveries are and have been prevented to be used as free technology is becoming more a word that needs to be reckoned with as free for all is the future and key to our new paradigm we are creating together. Our world needs to be for all not for the benefit of  the few.) Continue reading