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Ben Fulford – Interview On American Freedom Radio 31th Jan. 2012 By Sean David Morton – 1 February 2012

Sean David Morton interviewed Ben for about 30 minutes. Here is a link to Sean’s AFR page.

A couple of points. Ben speaks about the Iraqi dinar at about 10:30. And at the end, about 26:00, he talks briefly about the understanding he has about the new world to come (ascension-wise). Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford’s Interview With Sean David Morton – 31 December 2011

This is Ben Fulfords interview with Sean David Morton live on the AFR – American Free Radio Show : Strange Universe the 29th December 2011.

Interview from 29th December 2011 without commercials and original  interview on AFR Radio from 29 December 2011  see  below

Thanks to my friends Kauilapele link to article and Gilian link to article