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Ariah Velasquez – What to do When People Play Emotional Games – 21 February 2013


I get a lot of people coming to me with questions about the title of this article. Why do so many people on planet Earth seem to find relief through playing games to hurt, harm, get what they want, share a message without speaking it directly, or show someone they are hurt by hurting back? I see this as a wounded condition of some that are still waking up to the whole concept that we create our own reality.  I also see this behavior coming from a place of people not spending daily time connecting to their underlying impulses, and subconscious issues.  When we don’t spend time looking deep within on a daily level understanding what drives us, then we will tend to take actions that we feel are justified. We may say to ourselves, well if this person said that to me, then I am going to do this to them.  This is the revengeful approach.  Then their is the unconscious approach: well, I want to feel loved, so I will distance myself when I am afraid someone will not love me. These are just examples of the way humans play games with each other.  Unfortunately, when it comes to these type of games, no one ever wins. And one of the biggest issues is that many times these actions are done towards others due to their own assumptions that something is happening, without ever discussing it with them or having proof. Sure, a person can have an intuition, but a lot of the time, interpersonal dynamics are misconstrued because of a person’s own wounding.

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Lucas – Self-Love – 1 May 2012

In 5D to come in as a state of being you have to master first loving yourselves. A Feeling that is not a construct of emotions or from a sexual nature.  The connection in finding self-love will set you free. In you remembering the love for the self you open up the possibilities needed to build the link to the unconditional love for all of that is. You will not be that easy tripped in or pulled out the love for all outside of you anymore by learning self-love.

So the love you have for being what you are and who you are at this moment of the now is important. You will see You. You can say I love all that is me and makes me what I am now. Focus on the things that are in your mind obstacles to love your self. I hate my belly, I am  so bossy, I am so rude, I am so ugly, etc. All you have thought about now will  be loved by you. See and feel that what you do not love about you and tell it is loved and will be loved always. It is a part of you.

In bringing back your self-love you create a greater love and universal unconditional love from the source can be reached and connected to. This love will give you the power to radiate and create love in everything you do, create, think or you interact with. You will be bringing your love for the self in connecting through the heart to the earth source and the source of all that is to a higher level. All that is you and interacts with you in that state will see the ever-expanding unconditional love in energy form manifest.

You will see that you have made changes to others and influenced them just by being that love. It resonates and interacts with all. Negative will fade and positive will be strengthened. Dark will be transmuted into light. In working on your self-love you will bring great benefits to all and first of all your own being. So try to ponder on what it is that you not like or hate in being you. Write it down. Look at it. Feel it in you and say it is loved and will ever be loved by you. Feel that Self Love and know it is part of you.

So set aside all buts or the exclusion of this self-love. This way you will go from a lives struggle to a utlimate  lives experience that starts with self-love.

You are loved and love your self.

Love and Light,


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