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Lisa Gawlas – Self Responsibility, Knowing ThySelf And The Puzzle Pieces Coming Together!! – 8 February 2015

lisagawlas2I spent the majority of yesterday, understanding.  Remembering many of the things that were stated, over and over thru the readings not only last month, but thru the last several years too.  Connecting points started coming online one after the other.  I want to start with a word our teams have been saying, dare I say, force feeding us for the last few months: RESPONSIBILITY.

They had stated again and again, the mantle of power, the full responsibility of what it means to be us, to be conscious souls alive in biology was being handed totally over to us.  I think many of us, in this moment, namely me, can take that word, that energy, for granted.  I think too, I am going to couple the word responsibility with the phrase “know thyself.”  One without the other is a non energy in the realm of spiritual growth and progress.  Let me give a couple of examples that I understood without a shadow of a doubt yesterday. Continue reading