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CommonDreams – Senate Foreign Relations Committee Votes In Favor Of War – 5 September 2013


(Lucas : Even without the hard evidence and even evidence pointing to an accident taken in consideration at all the USA is pushing for a war. It is for me not a debate if you knowingly without evidence or even evidence contrary or fabricated evidence go ahead with a strike, then it is  an act of war and not  an act of peacekeeping. Who gave the USA, or must I say all capitals corporation USA, the right to be the punisher of the world? I did not give my consent to it and almost 7 billion people also not, let alone that almost all people in the US did not. Ask yourselves who are those corporate representatives in your senate and congress really representing? They are not representing you and never did but the corporation USA.  It should have been about serving the people but that was done with after the corporate take over! WAKE UP!)

Resolution now ready for Senate floor for debate, vote Continue reading