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SenseiDave82 – Max Igan – The Truth About Gaza July 14th 2014 – 15 july 2014

Uploaded on 15 July 2014 by Senseidave82 Truth Warrior 7/14/2014 In this episode I speak with Max Igan about whats really going on with the bombing and war crimes that are taking place in Gaza against the Palestinian people, how the media is spinning these events, and some of the latest updates he has received from people on the ground. website: http://thecrowhouse.com/home.html


SenseiDave82 – Time To Warrior Up – 30 April 2014

Uploaded on 30 April 2014 by Senseidave82 What is a modern day Warrior? Can the philosphy of warriorship serve us today? Why is it important to live with a code of morality?

SenseiDave82 – Interview with Ben Stewart – Dec 2013 – 7 January 2014

Uploaded  on 30 December 2013 by Senseidave82 December 27/2013
Reality/Actuality – The artist and the Shaman – The Revolution is Coming

SenseiDave82 – Why Would The “Government “Do This? – 6 July 2013

Uploaded  on 6 July 2013 by Senseidave82 Continue reading

SenseiDave82 – Global Conversation – What Does It Mean To Be FREE? Think About It – 2 July 2013

Uploaded on 27 June 2013 by Senseidave82 Crazy times guys…we say we want freedom, some erroneously think we are free, others fight for it, but do we even know what it is?  This is just my take, please contribute yours.

SenseiDave82 In Conversation with Freedom Central’s Mel Ve – 5 April 2013

Uploaded on 4 apr 2013 by Senseidave82 Check out Mel’s new documentary film:  The Last of the Boers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHJWJu… http://www.freedomcentral.info http://www.theworldwasmeanttobefree.com