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Lisa Gawlas – Sharing A Heart FULL Of Thanks – 28 November 2014

lisagawlas2I do not have anything new to report from the field, so I decided to use this moment to give thanx.  It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA, a day to spend with families, eat really huge yummy meals and now, go shopping too.  I am not doing any of that, well, not in the traditional way.  Instead, it is a day I am already spending it in the pool of reflection, an amazing reflection it is too.

I woke up with a dream fragment that is so real and so true to this moment in our lives.  I could see us, all of us connected by these crazy sharings I put out, by facebook, and we were standing on a globe, hand in hand, heart pouring into open heart, together as one Life.  One true entity living and loving on this amazing world. Continue reading