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Sharon Taphorn – The Platinum Flame Of St. Germain – 8 November 2012

Working with Saint Germain:

Saint Germain was one of the first masters that I can remember consciously working with as I remember having a reading with Archangel Metatron (that was the first time I had heard of this angel) in the 80’s and he told me that I was from the Great White Brotherhood under the direction of Saint Germain. While I did not particularly like the name of this group, I did check them out and understand that it means a vibration of light. I do however still think there is too much separation of race upon the earth plan for us to assume that name and therefore just chose to explore Saint Germain on my own. Continue reading


Sharon Taphorn – You Are Worthy – 19 October 2012

You are worthy

Know that you deserve to receive good in all ways. You are a beautiful and loving being of creator light and nothing can ever take away from that. You are protected and guided through the mountains and valleys of your life. You are never alone and we are always with you. It is when you believe this with every fibre of your being that you will create the journey of your dreams. Let us lend you are strength and our courage at any time you are making life changes. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Direction – There Are Many Possible Paths – 11 October 2012


There Are Many Possible Paths

There are many choices for you to make as you prepare to move ahead in a big way. The best path is the one that feeds your mind, your heart and your soul. It is so important for you to find your balance in this world so you can move on to the next stage unencumbered by the past. If you have been working on your relationship with your higher self, guides and angels, you will know the best path for you to take. If you are just learning to trust your inner guidance, this is a wonderful opportunity to bloom and grow. Take the time to tune in and listen and then notice the signs, as there are many from which to choose. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Spiritual Growth – 29 September 2012

 You have the opportunity to embark great change.

New growth, psychic and spiritual experiences change the way you look at the world and yourself. As you evolve, allow your spiritual gifts to open. Share these gifts with the world. Invoke your angels and know that you are protected at all times, from all harm. Relax and enjoy the ride. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Playfulness – 26 September 2012

Add Play To Your Day

Joyful, light, fun energy help you to manifest your desires in physical form. This not only raises your vibration, it also helps you to release any heavy thoughts and worries, even if just for a while. If it has been awhile since you have played and had fun, remember a time when you did those things and let it remind you how wonderful it feels and then do what you can to create some time for joyous energy to enter your life. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Lightworker : You Are A Lightworker – 22 September 2012

Shine your Divine light and your love. Beam it from within you, and it lights the way for others. Let them come to you when they are ready. Until then, just keep shinning your light in the darkest of places. It is not always an easy path for the Lightworker, however, when you get to the point in your evolution it won’t seem like the same work you started. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Messages Of Love And Healing – 15 September 2012

Move forward on purpose, not by default. Decide where you want to put your energy and then trust that it can all be created, and follow your heart, follow your passion. It is time to create the changes and results that you long for in your heart. When you clearly focus on your desires and take the steps you are guided to take, the path flows more smoothly. There is less juggling and wondering what will happen next. Instead you flow towards your desires. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Strenght – 14 September 2012

Strength and courage are yours

Everyone has an inner strength they can draw upon, although it is sometimes nice to be reminded. Sometimes when the energy around you is filled with chaos and confusion, it is easy to forget you are a beautiful, strong and courageous spark of Creator Light, after all, you are here now doing this earth journey. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Love, Love Unconditionally – 6 July 2012

This means to love without conditions. To just love someone regardless. Unconditional love is what all the great masters achieved while in physical form. If you want to increase the love you receive, open your heart and give more love to the world and also to yourself. By giving love, you naturally attract that energy stream back to you. It is perfectly safe to open your heart and love. It is the most powerful  force in the Universe. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Balance Restored Resolutions Are Now Available – 20 June 2012

It is time to get moving and be inspired as the energy of balance and harmony are coming your way. Take a deep breath and trust that resolutions are at hand. If you are not feeling it already, you soon will feel some lightening in the energy around you. We want you to keep moving forward at a nice even and steady pace so that you will feel more grounded and peaceful along the way. Continue reading