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TheIntelHub – Sheppard Ambellas – Foster the Kids: Subliminal Programming – 3 September 2012

The band Foster the People has a new song entitled “Pumped Up Kicks”.

This comes around the time of the “Batman Shooting” and other massacres.

What is interesting is the music sounds happy adding a subliminal twist.

Here is a peak at the lyrics: Continue reading


Sheppard Ambellas – IntelHub – Comedy Central Subliminal Messages And Mind Control On The Populace – 26 May 2012

Unfortunately the illuminati have been practicing mind control techniques on the populace dating back hundreds of years.

However, in modern times the mind control techniques have become extremely advanced and are used mythically on the general public. Mind control and symbolism are used extensively throughout Hollywood and the music industry itself. People such as the likes of Freeman have gone into great detail on this issue. Continue reading