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Visionkeeper – Shifting Energies – 27 March 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

Can you feel the change in the air? It is blowing all around us and everything keeps shifting and morphing into new ways of being. Love is such a powerful emotion. When it gets in under your skin life becomes so different. I’m not talking about lovey dovey kind of love, although that kind is pretty nice too, but I am talking about being moved to tears and being over taken by emotions. Everything seems so heightened right now it doesn’t take much to shed a tear over just about anything. We are regaining our abilities to feel again, to sense the rightness and wrongness in things from the heart not the mind. Everything seems to be coming from the heart now and hopefully things will stay this way and we will have left behind our callous ways, hardened by all the war and hate and killing we have been spoon fed for so long now. Once you disconnect from the media horror and you begin to feel again, it is shocking to think how you were before. Continue reading