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Lucas – The Lack Of Oneness – Shifting From The Last Dualities – 5 January 2012

I felt  a lot of things these past weeks but merely a great lack of Oneness. I was confronted several times with exclusion of people,  people who are taking roles of rulers, people of light that divide and exclude. People that have hidden agendas. People that will not listen at any cost to what in essence was said and more. I will say that not even I am without duality issues. Those issues are for most, better said, for almost all of us still a problem. The difference in being conscious of those issues in recognizing or seeing  things you do or do not. Then  you have a choice to change it or leave it as it is. That is your free will.  Conscious is therefore a keyword in the first step to know your own issues. A lot of the problems are simply ignored even by lightworkers and people displaying themselves as role models. Continue reading