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Laua Bruno – Shiny And New – 1 January 2015

laura-of-the-rocksOriginally posted on Bohomofo:

Image by that fabulous genius, fashion photographer Tim Walker

Here we are and here it is again already, this last day of our calendar. Nearly time Bohemians to leave the triumph and wreckage of 2014 behind us and get all frocked up to celebrate the next new year.

It has a checkered history, our Western modern era first of January tipping point, mainly concerned with debate around religious observance (that old Pagan vs Christian bugbear) and whether the sun or moon should govern the calendar (Julius Caesar chose the sun in 46BC). The argument was finally settled in 1582 with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar although the British Empire, which at that stage included the American colonies, arrived late to the party by celebrating the new year in March until 1752.

Astrologically speaking, the turn of the wheel that happens with the solstice and the new moon is a grand time to set…

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