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The New Titanic : The Sinking Ship Of The Financial World : Plugging the holes!

In analogy of the news pouring out the floodgates over the troubles of the money system and the financial system I am writing this article.  The news reviewed the last days leaves no other conclusion: ‘It is a sinking ship”. A New Titanic proportion collapse of the system is evolving.

The USA troubles banks with the reclaim action law suits by the government. France goes down on their overrated bank credits and banks are getting downgraded in numbers fast growing. Italy has problems solving their debt crisis and the saviour would be China.  Spain is following suit in increasing debt problems and downgrading risks. Greece is sheer austerity madness and the ECB shows the divisions about policy to follow. Germany and others don’t see saving Greece as an option, but only default. Others are in line for default as their own debt crisis deepens. A crash is imminent.

Which way it goes or even measures put in place by IMF or  the help from  China can not make a fraud system work again. The consequences of default of Greece will lead to other problems in deepening debt. People won’t accept anymore, what I heard again said by those dark kabal,  that the taxpayers should take up the bill. The people haven’t caused all this. Banks need to pick up the bill but won’t and if they do eventually the financial system collapses anyway. The game is over. The holes can’t  be plugged.  Every time a new iceberg will be rising in front of the ship. The steering has become senseless.

Let those who are now still acting behind the screens and think they can get away stealing from the people of this world  and unjustified enrich themselves see their efforts being fruitless. All this abundance taken from us should be given back. No one has to have debt. This will be corrected  in the new system soon to be in place.

So let the dark kabal sink with this ship. Or let them be given the love and light by the grace of our worlds people and our earth who have endured so long their reign of control, power, enslavement and terror and throw them a lifeline. This will be their faith seeing at last that they have to end up in  the light at the end of the dark tunnel which they have been putting us and themselves  through.

So I ask the world’s leadership to listen to the envoys of our brothers and sisters of light. Take now your chance to change and sign up and pledge your legions to the worlds new peace and prosperity. All that was hidden from us will be disclosed and free for all to see, hear and read. Where there is light no dark can exist. The light is growing in its force minute by minute. We will soon be the ones who will experience the greatest gift of our time: Ascension. It’s the will of God’s Divine Plan. Nothing can change that.

Be joy and  peaceful as things happening will be for some difficult to grasp. Just be your loving self in this time. Without letting fear be your guide. Help others to stay in the light and sent you love  where it is needed. The experiment of duality on this earth will end.

Love and Light to all of you,



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