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Lisa Gawlas – Shipped High In Transmission. Holy Shit!! (Smile) – 1 February 2014

lisagawlas2This morning, as I prepare to continue the insights that have been flooding me in my spiritually imposed silence, I am filled with memories of my massage practice, the evolution of it all, including myself and witnessing how incredibly the physical body can and will change.  Once I really became proficient with using energy, really listening to the cells of the body and how they communicated to me so I could translate to whomever was on my table a sentence started to repeat itself time after time.  ”Even tho we are doing all this energy work now, and indeed it is all happening now, your body is going to experience all of this over time, days, weeks, because for the human, it is a process and could not handle being done all at one time.”   It proved to be true time after time. Continue reading