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Things Can Go Fast : As The News Headlines Show

As I was talking last week with some people I stated that things rapidly will come to conclusion in the case of rogue governments or dictators and regimes. I said then that Libya, Syria and North Korea would be coming to a solution in their crisis. As things we’re cooking up over there.

When I saw the news this weekend and today things are going fast. Libya’s Gaddafi will see an end to his regime, as the rebel forces are closing in on the last meters and strongholds of his regime in Tripoli. Also Medvedev is going to talk to North Korea’s Kim Jon Il to get the nuclear proliferation back on track in the 3 year hiatus of the Six Party meetings. Russia offers some compensations for this talks.  Then Syria’s Assad is coming more and more under pressure as his regime cracks down further.    UN and others have united in the call to end this atrocious war on the people of Syria. Assad is offering Now elections in early 2012. But I think he is going to leave also soon his country. Other countries of this World still oppress their own people like Yemen. The domino effect is unstoppable.

As well as the money system is failing, the domino effect in the ending of this system is taking place right now. Dollar , Euro and debt crisis, the world-wide effects can’t be put right by measures that keep the system that fails upright. If it’s broke and can’t be ment  dump it. Make way for the coming of the new, developing into a World that is not build on greed, power, domination, control, ego, etc., but love, freedom, free will, coöperation, food for all, shelter for all, free energy for all. free healthcare for all.

This is the Good news that offers the real opportunity to make place for  changes. What is coming is beautiful and I see the Golden Age slowly emerging.

Love and Light,



And the show goes on! Changes have to take place. Do the right thing.

In reading the latest news of the day of 18th august 2011 I see a lot that is making my warning bells tick. Cameron shouting for harder sentencing by the courts in the riot cases.  Also the misconduct case of the MET Police in the case of the News of the World scandal ends with clearing all officers in the case.

The real message of this all is what is behind all this news. It’s a show that has been going on.UKs hope for doing the right thing is gone. I do not see a new policy in the making and debate opened about the reasons behind the riots, nor is there any real urge to make the Murdoch scandal a clean up of more things that are wrong and people have to put up with.

No, only control issues are addressed. Keeping the people in check is the only thing happening.  The hidden agendas of the few in power still are merely shown. A debt crisis that can’t  be solved with any measures is not enough for a new way of thinking.

Changes need to be made in favour of freedom. No more controlling people. Prosperity for all and not the few is needed. A redistribution of all. A new money system without al the speculation and making money on lending and other services is needed.

We have to see that there is enough for everybody on this planet. Food, (Natural) Medicine, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Free-Energy, etc. We have to stop making money and monopolise everything. Sharing will be the new key to unlock. No more Egotistical  thinking of making profit on profit and enrichment over the death bodies of others. Profit does not equal Prosperity for all in this World. No more patenting and octroi in place. Knowledge and developments need to be open source, shared and freely available for all.

But I will stop here in mentioning  a long list of things we can change to make the world really a better World and Earth for all and keeping a balance that our Earth can sustain. Let us see if that what is wrong can’t  be ment.  If it can’t be ment its broke and you have to make new things. That is also true for great philosophers and ideas as we evolve  you need to change thinking. The facts and developments show it. I just say to the people in power of this World: “Do the right thing, NOW!

Love and Light,


Robert Hastings: New reports show UFOs continue to compromise nuclear missiles






Robert Hastings: New reports show UFOs continue to compromise nuclear missiles.

Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes, Urged Employee to Lie, Records Show

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Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes, Urged Employee to Lie, Records Show.


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