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The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report – Are We Really Here? – 1 April 2012

Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report… ARE WE REALLY HERE?  03-31-12

Today many of our crafts were occupied cleaning the athmosphere from chemtrails, so maybe this it one of the reasons why sightings have not been as much as usual, however, I guess the first video will raise some questions and, from some sources, the most amazing answers!

Enjoy your ride! Love’s Here! Continue reading

The Wall Street Shuffle – Lucas

The global turmoil about austerity, debt and collapsing of the financial markets, banks  and money systems is what “The Wall Street Shuffle” signifies. After the initial call to occupy Wall Street the  group of protesters have had a greater impact than was thought possible.

The forces of the dark ones and controlling cabal have been turning a peaceful protest into a police attack on demonstrators, handcuffing and pepper-spraying without any cause. The days that peaceful demonstrating is allowed are over if they have their ways. The dark cabal wants to discredit and hurt the peaceful demonstrations as done before with harassment, intimidation, brutal unnecessary force, unlawful arrests, infiltrations with violent pseudo demonstrators, etc.

This is what you can see if you hear and see the many videos and people being reporting on this event. It shows us that we have already won if the words of truth are a painful squeaking noise in the dark cabals ears. Yes they hear and don’t like it. They see the inevitable coming closer. The Return to a new peaceful unconditional Love and Light world  for all without any shortage of anything that is needed is the fear the dark cabal have. They lose control, power, money, servants and slaves. We will return to our real state of being: true lightbeings. Nothing will stop this.

The Wall Street Shuffle we can really dance now and enjoy it.  We have to thank our fellow friends to have stood up and protested for what is right. The collapse of the old system that has been keeping our true state hidden for so long is near to its end. The last struggle of those who refuse the Light and Love into their being will be over soon.


Love and Light,