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John Ward – UK Opts For Wind Strategy Just Dumped By China. Ed Miliband Tweets ‘Lovely Evening Celebrating Diwali With Hindus, Sikhs, Jains And Buddhists From Around London This Evening At The @UKLabour Diwali Reception’ – 23 October 2014

2edsptnetWant to opt for No Change next May? Vote Labour

If you ever get the feeling that barely a single Westminster policy is being done with us in mind, then congratulations, you’re sane. It’s all done in our name, of course…which is why, when it goes wrong, we always wind up paying for it.

And talking of wind, here’s yet another sign that our energy policy is all over the place. Taking the easy route out of wind power by avoiding Nimby on land, Owen Paterson dec. Minister of Defra decided to stick with offshore…this despite the fact that the upkeep costs involved in that are horrendous. Continue reading