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Visionkeeper – Simon Says – 7 March 2013

ireland-landscape-mountains-nature-sheep-Favim.com-240673(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

As we enter into the new world it is time to stop being sheeple and have the courage to stand alone and take pride in your own thoughts. Far too great a percentage of the masses fall into line and follow the leader. Human beings are a herding species by nature, but herding can get taken to a far greater level than we should allow. We have been following along for so too long now and it has gotten us into very serious trouble. We don’t ask questions of anything or anybody any more. We just follow the leader because it is easy to do and we don’t have to entertain difficult thoughts if we don’t ask questions. Look where this has gotten us! Ask as many questions as you can. It is not only our right to know the truth, it is imperative we do, it decides our ability to survive or not! If we do not know the truth we are an easy victim to be hoodwinked. Continue reading