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Visionkeeper – Simplicity – 17 May 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

Nothing describes the essential beauty of life more accurately than the word simplicity. The more simple something is, the more beautiful it seems. It is what it is, no extra doodads to distract one from the very thing they are observing. No garish colors, no sharp corners, specific rules, no labels. Simplicity is perfection, what you see is what you get, like the incredible beauty in the picture of the bubbles. Nothing more than simple round, crystal clear orbs, yet in the sun they shift and become magnificent orbs of iridescent colors. Their smooth roundness is perfect and complete, their beingness sufficient with no explanations needed. They just are, simple clear bubbles of magnificent splendor. There is nothing that could be added to make them any more beautiful than they already are. Continue reading