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Lisa Gawlas – Sine Waves, ET Connections And The Power Of Thought! – 2 May 2013

power of thoughtSomething interesting and wildly/wonderfully strange is beginning to be shown through so many of us.  Yes, this sharing is still going to be the rest of the story I started yesterday, but done differently.  I am going to start with the new of yesterday and work my way backwards to connect it all to where I left off the day before.

I had 6 people on my calendar yesterday, I read efficiently for the first 4, completely crashed in the middle of my 5th and didn’t even dare try to poke my nose into the higher light for the 6th.  It was as if all the readings I had done yesterday were in a sort of parenthesis formation.  Every one of the readings was revealing the very same importance, solar flares that are getting ready to come in and fire up the area that was being shown.  Granted, every one was vastly different in their appearance, but yet, every one was prepared for incoming solar flares that had such an electrical purpose to their connections. Continue reading