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Lisa Gawlas – Rock, Roll, Slide, Spin… Wild Has Just Gone Into Overdrive!! Diagram Included! – 21 November 2012

There are some days, I swear it is like living in the midst of a shaken soda can full of energy.  Every thing seems to be popping and fizzing and spraying every which way without seemingly rhyme or reason!  Yesterday was one of THOSE days to the 10th power!!

My first attempt at reading yesterday produced a total blank.  What I never know with the first reading of the day, is the field withholding from her because it is major decision time, in which case, the field/our team always retreats to allow us our own choices… or is this going to be a void day, if so, I am just gonna be pissed!!!  I have 5 people on my hit parade for the day and no where close in time to reschedule to!!  My second reading for the day was MIA.  No phone call, no response to an email… Continue reading