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Visionkeeper – Slow Down And Simplify… – 20 October 2012

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Things are speeding up and the time lines are merging even more now, so it is time to step back and slow down and simplify. As things pick up speed we are going to be needed to hold the calm amidst the chaos. We need to go within and regroup with ourselves and make sure we are able to hold the calm by staying in our hearts and pushing fear aside. It requires us to be secure in ourselves and having complete trust and faith in ourselves that we can do this. There is virtually NO room for doubt to enter into the equation. We need to be quiet with ourselves this weekend and make sure we are strongly connected within to our beliefs, so much so we will not waver when the time comes. Have we done our work, have we found our centers, are we feeling secure in who we are and what we believe? Go within and take a peek and make sure. We are soon to be called upon and we need to know for sure. Continue reading