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John Ward – Smile, It’s The Sunday Slime – 28 September 2014

newmarkMother of 5 Lucy Newmark and her virtual partner Brooks

Few Ministers go the extra mile to quite the extent that Brooks Newmark did in his role as Women’s Champion. Indeed, I know of no cases where such a chap sent an ECU dick-shot by email in order to declare his commitment to a member of the opposite gender. I don’t know of any – but we are talking Conservative politicians here, so I’d imagine such tokens of virtual affection are quite common. Wife Lucy is one would imagine very familiar with Brooks’s willy, as they have five children. But I’d imagine things are a bit tense over the breakfast table Chez Newmark this morning. Continue reading


AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Smile, And The Whole Universe Smiles With You – 15 July 2013

July 14, 2013

We do not all have to experience this degree of this sense of separation in order to receive the understanding. This is your gift to this universe and universes beyond. Your gift is the experience and the assimilation of this. And there are other points of consciousness that explore other realms and do similarly, yet understand that this particular 3-D earth experience in polarities/opposites is a one-of-a-kind. Continue reading

Josh Groban – Smile – 14 October 2012

Uploaded byon 28 August 2008 Sung beautifully by Josh and hopfully you like the pictures n the video it took me a while so plz enjoy x

Sophia Love – Smile, Love, Repeat – 11 September 2012

PictureIt is a gorgeous Fall day.  The sky is that blue you only see this time of year.  The clematis, deep purple and violet, seem to push along the fence as I watch, eagerly getting in one good spurt before their exit.

The sounds are different.  The crickets, as ever, provide background but I wonder about that propeller I hear from the sky, perhaps a helicopter.  What’s missing are the voices of the children, school has them captive and quiet.  The dogs are inside as well today.  I hear an occasional muffled bark from behind closed doors.  Summer is about over.  Birds surround the property, enjoying the almost empty yard, along with the dragonflies. Continue reading

Lucas – Just A Smile A Day Makes ……………. – 31 May 2012

You realy want to smile. Don’t you!

Yes. You are…………

Yep, I see it coming………………

Smile! SMILE!

This is great now make the others smile. It makes your heart sing. SMILE. It is an expression of LOVE. Continue reading