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Snowden, Nein! High Court Foils Opposition Attempt To Bring Whistleblower To Berlin – 13 December 2014

RT logoA German court has rejected a bid by opposition parties to bring ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden to Berlin to testify about the US agency’s intelligence activities in Germany before a parliamentary committee.

Members of Germany’s Green and left parties petitioned Berlin’s Federal Constitutional Court to grant Snowden temporary entry to Berlin in order to answer questions about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) alleged espionage on German nationals.

On Friday, the court threw the bid out, saying that it does not have jurisdiction in the matter and that the case should be decided by a different court, Germany’s BHG Federal Court of Justice. The panel labeled the petition “inadmissible,” the DPA news agency reports.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com /  link to original article

Jon Rappoport – Snowden, The CDC Whistleblower: Who Owns Information? – 23 September 2014

jon7Let me start with this general statement: there are scientists and politicians who are trained like dogs to believe that corrections to the deepest crimes of government can be achieved through an orderly structure and process.

This belief is a form of mind control. It’s engraved in a place where so-called rational people still entertain a fairy tale about rescue and “everything working out properly, through channels.”

Among the many differences between Ed Snowden and William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, there is one striking similarity. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Snowden, Brian Williams: Staged Amateur Night For The Suckers – 31 May 2014

jon7You could call it a completely incompetent interview, but Brian Williams is supposed to be incompetent. That’s his job.

Don’t take a Snowden comment and drill down into it. Don’t connect dots. Don’t delve into Snowden’s history. Don’t ask serious questions about the NSA.

Just make the interview seem important. That’s all that counts. Give the impression that the interview is an Event. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Snowden, Feinstein, CIA, NSA: The Internal War – 12 March 2014

jon7Senator Dianne Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, blows up.

She claims the CIA made efforts to sabotage her Committee’s investigation of illegal CIA interrogation/torture of detainees.

The CIA vehemently denies it did anything wrong.

So a new front in the internal war opens up.

The key fact here is: Feinstein’s Committee has been carrying on this investigation of the CIA for SEVERAL YEARS. It is preparing a 6000-page report. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Snowden, Booz Hamilton, Carlyle, And The Spider Web – 14 February 2014

jon7Edward Snowden worked for Booz Hamilton, a private company, and was assigned by his employer to work at the NSA.

The infamous Carlyle Group owns a majority stake in Booz Hamilton.

Carlyle manages global assets of roughly $170 billion. The companies it invests in employ 650,000 people.

Others have run down the important names connected to Carlyle, from George HW Bush to Frank Carlucci to James Clapper, James Baker, etc. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Surveillance, Vaccines, Androids, Snowden, Control Systems – 13 August 2013


Every political system, when applied, wears out, because the people using the system make it more and more mechanical, less and less conscious.

The Constitution was a noble attempt to explicitly limit systems by eroding the power of centralized authority. That document was mainly about enforcing less structure. Its brilliance, naturally, has been lost on government. Continue reading