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Emmanuel Dagher – Magnified Manifestiging – June Energy Forecast – New Beginnings – 5 June 2012

Peace & Blessings,

Do you remember that feeling of being a senior on the last day of your high school experience, literally looking at the clock counting down the seconds to when you would be exiting the doors of your school once and for all? There was probably a sense of excitement mixed with an abundance of joy for accomplishing 12+ years of hard work. Although a brand new day was just around the corner, there was probably also a sense of nostalgia for the simple fact that a major chapter in our lives was coming to an end. We knew that everything we had known to be our reality up to that point as it showed up through our environment, friendships, and experiences was about to change forever. Continue reading


Dana Mrkich – Monthly Visions June 2012: Alignments And Eclipses And Transits Oh My! – 4 June 2012

We are in the midst of back to back planetary alignments right now that are simultaneously propelling us into a whirlwind of unprecedented evolutionary acceleration and leaving many of us on our backs literally thanks to the resulting clearing process. This clearing process is happening faster and on a deeper level than any we’ve experienced so far. It doesn’t involve pages of journaling or taking yourself off to the nearest healer. It is happening naturally to every aspect of our energy bodies, our physical body, our cells, our DNA and our lives whether we are conscious of it or not, ready or not.   Continue reading

Mac Peace – Reboot Of The Grid: Guided Visualization For May 20th/21st 2012 – 20 May 2012

Uploaded by Mac Peace 14 May 2012 on youtube.

Lucas :  As already said in my last article. What hour or day your doing this meditation of visualization does not matter as all will find in syncronisity the way to where it is intented. So do not worry about that. The intent of and just doing it is more important. I like Mac Peace his visualization so I posted it. Had not seen it earlier.

Visionkeeper – Get Ready! – 19 May 2012

Tomorrow, Sunday May 20th, is the solar annular eclipse. Keeping in mind that solar eclipses are all about shedding the old and new beginnings, what is it you would like to create in your new life ahead? This is a great time to go within and rearrange our priorities. Figure out first which world you are choosing to live in. Do you wish to remain in 3D and continue on with your life as it is, or are you eager to embrace a new way of being? Remember, the new world is not about money or status, that belongs to the old world we are departing. What you set your thoughts and intentions on become your reality. Sit down with pencil and paper and go within and figure out what would be your ideal new way of life. Write it down, feel it, think it, be it, dream it. How does this new life make you feel? Happy? How does that happiness feel inside the new you. How has this change impacted your new life? As you do this you will be creating your new world. Continue reading

Order Of Melchizedek – Sweet Influences Of The Pleiades – Part 1 – 18 May 2012

“I will open my mouth… I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.” Matthew 13:35

In our last publication ASTRO-PROPHETIC EVENTS, we stated that we would be mentioning other important dates in the month of May for Cosmic Events, and that we would be sharing how to take advantage of these specific mysterious energies that would be released. We also mentioned that May would be a month to be remembered. This message is kind of a part 2, and is to prepare you for what is to come in less than 8 days and will extend through 24 days. (This energy being released will build and express itself further on June 6, 2012 in Venus Transit and November 13, 2012 -Total Solar Eclipse) We were instructed to release this message 8 days before a specific event that will lead to many other events. It is an event that Eye have looked forward to for many years. Continue reading