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Lucas – Solar Update – 31 October 2014

SDO AIA 131After my last update on the 28th October there were only M Flares following up each other. On the 29th M Flares magnitudes: 1.01, 1.251.49, 1.03, 1.32, 2.32 with the 30th followed by magnitudes : 1.363.56, 1.25. My feeling is that the series of flares will keep up for a while.

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com


Lucas – Solar Update – 28 October 2014

As sSDO AIA 131aid the built up of solar flares and releases is up up up! Even after my last update on the 26th October there were on that day two other M Flares 1.92 and  2.47 magnitudes.  On the 27th October sunspot region 12192 is produced multiple M Flares magnitudes 7.16, 1.081.3, 6.79, 2.06 , and an X Flare 2.07 and after that there was an other line up of  M Flares 1.44,   3.49, and a 6.61  magnitudes.

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – 26 October 2014

SDO AIA 131The lack of solarflares for months is beginning now to bring more than ever. We can expect more!

24ht : Strong M4.07 solar flare and an Major X3.19 solar flare from sunspot region 12192
25th : Major X1.04 solar flare from sunspot region 12192
26th : Major X2.01 solar flare from sunspot region 12192 and a moderate M1.03 solar flare from sunspot region 12192 and a strong M4.22 solar flare from sunspot region 12192

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – 25 October 2014

An X Flare magnituede 3.19  and   M Flares magnitude 4.07 and the day before yesterday a M Flare magnitude 1.14  were released by the sun. The sun keeps coming with Flares. I Forgot to mention the last time an other major M Flare 8.79 on the 22th Oct. next to the others released that day.

Source : http://www.spaceweatherlive.com


Lucas – Solar Update – 23 October 2014

SDO AIA 131A new series of new M-Flares and an X flare were released after a series of 5 M Flares on 20 Oct. (M1.2, M1.7, M 1.4. M4.5. M3.9). The newest series  on the 21st Oct. we had an M1.2 flare and now on the 22nd Oct. we have 2 M Flares : M 2.72 and M 1.4 and an X-Flare 1.67 magnitude in between.  Solarativitiy is up and more is coming.

see also sourc: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com


Lucas – Solar Update – 21 October 2014

Major X1.1 solar flare from sunspot region 2192

Picture of the X Flare 1.1 from the 19th Oct. 2014

The solar flares kept coming 20 October and 3 M Flares followed the last 2 M Flares of the 20th.  Magnitudes 1.77, 1.37  and 1.22 completed the day.

via source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – 20 October 2014

SDO AIA 131And as said there would be more coming. The sun released two more major M-Flares , a 3.91 and a 4.53 magnitude one.  We will see what comes next.

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – 15 September 2014

SDO AIA 131Another M-Flare was released yesterday: magnitude 1.57. The activity is still there.

Read also at: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity#_ga=1.227918106.662223198.1408907954

Solar Update – M Class 1.13 Flare 6th Sept. – 8 September 2014

SDO AIA 131An M class flare of 1.13 magnitude was fired 6th September from the sun as the uptic in solar activity is very likely going to produce more M flares and probably a big X-flare as some solar regions are showing increased activity.

See also : http://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity

Lucas – Solar Update – The Flaring Is Up Again – 3 September 2014

SDO AIA 131Today a M flare  of 2.56 magnitude was released by the sun. I suspect we will we see more and maybe some X flares and CME towards earth in the coming days. I can be mistaken but I still go with my feeling.  As we come again near some energetic events in between now and the 9th of September. Let us see what it will bring ( or not).